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faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

ROTE (Row-tay) is a small island in Indonesia with a small orphanage giving big hope to small children.
Rote orphanage provides a safe and loving environment for seventeen children.

Each year Hope Church Central Coast at Umina Beach supports the visit of a mission team to the island of Rote to continue our close ties with the orphanage. Mission team volunteers fund their own travel and along with Hope Church, they actively seek opportunities to support the people of Rote.


Hope Church would like to assist the process of making the orphanage safer by funding the construction of a security fence around the orphanage boundary.


Members of the 2014 Rote Mission Team will be riding bikes, scooters and skateboards in a combined 24hr relay starting at 4pm on Friday, 28th February, 2014, to raise funds for the building of the fence. You don’t have to ride but the team would appreciate your sponsorship to make the fence a reality.


Pick a Ride for Rote Challenge

100% COMPLETED 24hr

Support the whole Rote Team! From Friday February 28, 2014  starting at 4pm to Saturday 1 March, 2014 at 4pm the ROTE TEAM will be undertaking a 24 hour ride by Push bike, Scooter and Skateboard. Click the SUPPORT button to pledge an amount for every hour they RIDE!

  • 28% Achieved
  • $719.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED skate

To the great embarrassment of his teenage children Dean will attempt to ride his Skateboard from Umina Beach to Woy Woy and return. Dean is asking friends and family to ensure his mid-life crisis challenge is not in vain Dean in his Ride for Rote now!

  • 33% Achieved
  • $330.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED scoot

Dom will go where no grown man should go … into his garage & exit on a razor scooter. His challenge will be to “scoot” from Hope Church Central Coast  to Woy Woy and back. Dom is asking friends and family to support him in his Ride (or Scoot) for Rote by clicking Support now!

  • 15% Achieved
  • $150.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED camera

Ed is normally photographing the action but he will be part of the action in the Ride for Rote challenge. Ed will be sharing 4 hours riding with fellow Rote Rider, Michael, on the local roads of the Central Coast Peninsula and is asking his mates and family to support his challenge.  

  • 42% Achieved
  • $415.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED milkman2

This will be no ‘milk run’. Although he will be up early enough to deliver the milk, Jon’s early morning focus during the Ride for Rote will be on dodging potholes as he sips (guzzles) his jumbo coffee to fuel him for his 5 hour riding challenge. Jon is calling on your support !

  • 79% Achieved
  • $792.45 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED oil

Mark is a dawn warrior, cycling the roads of the Central Coast before most sane people are leaving the comfort of a warm bed. His marathon ride will take him 215kms from Hope Church Central Coast at Umina Beach to Newcastle and back ! Mark is calling on friends & family to support his challenge.

  • 84% Achieved
  • $2,190.45 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED melbike

Melanie is riding up hill & down dale from Hope Church Central Coast to Gosford and back! She will duck and weave her way through cycle ways filled with middle aged men in lycra (mamils), kids on skateboards and the occasional BMX bandit. Melanie is calling on her friends and family to support her Ride for Rote!

  • 28% Achieved
  • $280.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED Guitar

Michael will be swapping his guitar for a bike for his Ride For Rote challenge. Michael will be on the road in the twilight hours of the 24 hour Team challenge as he shares a 4 hour cycling stint with Ed ! Michael is calling on mates and family to support his challenge.

  • 20% Achieved
  • $200.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go
100% COMPLETED 3sisters

3 Sisters and 3 hours of  coasting around the coast !  Daisy, Emily and Rachel  will be cruising the streets of Umina during their 3 hour shared challenge. Support our Hope Church Sisters in this old skool cruze for Rote!

  • 54% Achieved
  • $540.00 Support
  • 0 Days to go